Orduno Design Services – There’s much more to it than you think!

Oscar Orduno Design ServicesPark District, Dallas, Texas

Orduno Design Services (ODS), a sister company to Oscar Orduno, Inc. (OOINC), is the primary partner for virtually all of the design, engineering, and technical services that are part of the design and build contracts managed by our company.

Orduno Design Services LLC is officially registered with and by the Texas Board of Professional Engineers (TBPE Registration #F-17579). We’re proud of our expertise, and we have pioneered many advancements in our industry related to the design and construction of earth retention structures in Texas.



The attitude held by all of our skilled professionals at ODS is that of constant improvement. Our best practices consistently translate into savings of both time and money. Because of our insistence on providing creative solutions for both infrastructure and commercial projects, ODS is frequently involved in the planning of many high profile and notable projects.

Oscar Orduno, Inc. became a significant market player over a few very short years because, in large part, of the advantages that ODS provides with their innovative designs and the constant drive to improve.

Today’s ODS is an asset that engineers, general contractors, and owners rely on for both expertise and collaborative solutions. We happily fulfill our role as both primary contractors, or as sub-contractor, working on countless projects all across the state. These cover the entire spectrum from commercial to private to governmental.



Orduno Design Services provides value before your project is even off the drawing board. We’ll show you the challenges you may not have identified yet, easing the way for more comprehensive planning. Everyone knows that you’re better off knowing beforehand than discovering along the way. Contingencies cost money; planning takes time…

Cities are growing in new and exciting ways—yet that growth has to consider existing installations and infrastructure—and that is our area of expertise. We know the Texas soil and geophysical structure, which means we’ll provide a plan that avoids both stoppages and mid-project design changes.



Our Engineering Services are second to none. We are the experts when it comes to designing retaining walls, stabilizing slopes, or installing temporary retention systems. There is no engineering problem that we cannot solve.

You deserve to have our knowledge and experience on your side. It is the key to delivering a project that is both on time, and on budget. And with our expertise, that budget will be lower than you expect, and faster to construct.

You can check with “the other guys,” of course, but if your project is time-sensitive, that’s a pretty good reason to begin and end your search with the very best: Orduno Design Services.


The Takeaway

There is an extraordinarily good reason why you want our experts on your team. Our engineers and workers have collective decades of experience to know all the ways that something can go wrong. That provides the experience so they can make sure that everything goes right!

Remember, Best Practices are meaningless if you don’t practice them—they are called Best Practices for a very good reason—they protect both lives and property when they are followed. We can come in to consult and fix someone else’s mistakes but, on our projects, we strongly prefer not to make any in the first place!

Read more about our Geotechnical Services.



Our expert team has the ability, experience, and desire to handle your project. You can rely on our expertise and insights to deliver collaborative solutions that work for you. And we won’t leave you in the dark. We will explain anything and everything in a way that is easy to understand. Our team will always be willing to answer your questions.

We cover most of the state, including Amarillo, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Lubbock, San Antonio, Tyler, and Waco. You’ll probably see (if you haven’t already noticed) our bright orange equipment in almost all of those places, and many more besides! We’d love to hear you say “Howdy” so take a moment and get in touch.